Now that websites and apps with integrated Spritz technology are rolling out, here are some of our favorites. We’ll update this page on a regular basis. If you’re a developer and would like to have your work included here, please contact us at to have your app or website reviewed by our team for inclusion on the list.

Read the Entire Internet with Spritz – Introducing the Spritzlet

Are you ready to spritz the whole internet from the comfort of your desktop browser? A bookmarklet is a piece of software that you use in conjunction with your browser to interact with webpages. Spritz created the Spritzlet to help people spritz all of the websites that they visit. Click here to get the Spritzlet.

Go see Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman in Lucy on July 25th

We’ve teamed up with NBCUniversal and to bring you Spritzing, Lucy style! You can go check it out at Can you keep up? Don’t forget to download the Spritzlet while you’re at it!

Websites with Integrated Spritz Technology is just like Pocket or Instapaper but a lot more social. To use Spritz on ReadingPack, simply add content that you’re interested in reading later to your own personal Reading Pack and then click on the Spritz droplet.

The Old Reader is an RSS news reader in the style of Google Reader.

Readsy is a swiss-army knife website for Spritz. Cut and paste text, pull from a URL or upload a PDF file – Readsy can do it all for you!

Applications – iOS

First off – Beware! There are several apps on the Apple App Store that look like Spritz (but aren’t). The only way to know for sure is by whether or not they use the ‘Powered by Spritz’ moniker in their redicle. If it doesn’t say ‘Powered By Spritz’, it’s not using our technology! We’re currently working with Apple to remove all of these copycats (or convert them to using our technology – it’s free for them to use for goodness sakes) from the App Store. In the meantime, here are some apps that we’ve reviewed, tested and liked:

ReadMe! ($1.99) is an E-Pub reader with Spritz. With ReadMe! you can enjoy e-pub format books from Project Gutenberg (45,000 books), Manybooks (29,000 titles), Feedbooks, OpenLibrary (1M+ books) and the Internet Archive (2.5M+ titles). That should keep you busy for awhile!

Note: You cannot purchase titles from iBooks or Kindle and read them with this app – they both, unfortunately, use their own proprietary formats for books. Do us a favor and send them a suggestion to integrate Spritz into their apps on Twitter @ibooks and @amazonkindle.

Quickipedia – Spritz Wikipedia (the whole darn thing!) ($0.99) – A Spritz reader for Wikipedia.

Rapid Reader ($2.99) Read all of your Pocket, Readability and InstaPaper articles that you’ve saved for later with Spritz!

Sparker ($0.99) – SparkNotes ( are condensed versions of some of your favorite literature meant to aid you in studying the material after you’ve read it. Now you can spritz all of your SparkNotes on iOS!

BibleGist (Free) – Interested in spritzing the Bible? This is the iOS app for you!

Applications – Samsung Galaxy S5 / Android

SpritzMail (Free) – We also created an email reader for the S5. Look for it in the Samsung App Store that ships with all Samsung phones & tablets.

Applications – Samsung Gear2

SpritzMail for the Gear2 (Free): The perfect companion for SpritzMail on the Samsung G5/G4 is now out. To get it, go into your Gear Manager app on your S4/S5 and search for ‘Spritz’. Note: SpritzMail for the Gear2 requires that SpritzMail for the G5/G4 be installed and configured with your email account prior to installing SpritzMail for the Gear2.

Applications – Android

We shipped our Android SDK out to over 15,000 developer partners in June and those developers are now busy creating Android applications for you. As new Android applications arrive and pass our quality assurance process we will post them here and to our social media channels. If you haven’t already done so, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.