Spritz has been working for nearly 3 years in “Stealth Mode” to perfect our reading methodology. We’ve learned a lot in that time and developed our findings into the core technologies that you see here today. As an introduction to how and why Spritz works let’s start off with a few basics about reading.

Reading Basics

Traditional reading involves publishing text in lines and moving your eyes sequentially from word to word. For each word, the eye seeks a certain point within the word, which we call the “Optimal Recognition Point” or ORP. After your eyes find the ORP, your brain starts to process the meaning of the word that you’re viewing. With each new word, your eyes move, called a “saccade”, and then your eyes seek out the ORP for that word. Once the ORP is found, processing the word for meaning and context occurs and your eyes move to the next word. When your eyes encounter punctuation within and between sentences, your brain is prompted to assemble all of the words that you have read and processes them into a coherent thought.

Read faster

Why Spritz is Different

There are lots of other reading techniques out there such as skimming (not reading every word), avoiding sub-vocalization (talking to yourself while reading) and enlarging the peripheral span (reading an entire page at a time by mental “snapshot”) that attempt to increase reading speeds. While these methods can be effective, achieving significant improvement requires intensive, continuous training and dedication. By contrast, spritzing can be learned in less than 5 minutes and, if you don’t spritz for a month, no practice is needed to return quickly to your previous speed or skill-level.

In addition, none of these methods mentioned above help you unless you’ve got a lot of physical space for your content. From the fonts that we use to the algorithms that process content, Spritz is designed from the ground up to empower effective reading on a small display area. There is a lot more to Spritz than just reading fast!

Spritz Technology

Spritzing presents reading content with the ORP located at the specific place where you’re already looking, allowing you to read without having to move your eyes. With this approach, reading becomes more efficient because Spritzing decreases time searching for the next word’s ORP. Spritzing also enhances reading on small screens. Because the human eye can focus on about 13 characters at a time, Spritzing requires only 13 characters’ worth of space inside our redicle. No other reading method is designed to help you read all of your content when you’re away from a large screen. But don’t take our word. The following video compares traditional reading to Spritz and is a real eye-opener when it comes to the efficiencies that are gained by placing words exactly where your brain wants them to be located.

Spritz vs Traditional Reading

Removing eye movement associated with traditional reading methods not only reduces the number of times your eyes move, but also decreases the number of times your eyes pass over words for your brain to understand them. This makes Spritzing extremely efficient, precise, convenient and comfortable.

For Publishers and Developers

The Spritz engine is the “brains” behind our spritzing technology. The engine is lightweight and uses our patented technologies to process and display content. The Spritz engine requires few system resources to process inbound content streams, making it easy for content publishers and developers to integrate spritzing into their solutions. And since most of the work performed in the engine is text processing, extremely high spritzing speeds can be achieved, even on legacy devices and systems.