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With all that has gone on lately, we’ve decided to change things around a bit on this page. We’ve had a lot of articles, blog posts and TV spots created about Spritz. Here are some of our favorites by date and publication/location:

Spritz Press Releases
2/23/2014 – Original Spritz Press Release:
Spritz Reinvents Reading on Mobile Devices, One Word at a Time

8/28/2014 – Spritz Comprehension Study Tests Released
Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) Study Finds Spritz Technology Increases Reading Speed Without Sacrificing Comprehension

The Latest Sources:

8/28/2014 – Samsung Releases the Gear S Smartwatch with Spritz. The new Gear S smartwatch from Samsung includes 3G connectivity and a beautifully curved OLED screen. Oh… and it has Spritz too! +1 indeed… Click to learn more.

8/28/2014 – Spritz Comprehension Study by Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) released. PSB, one of the best known research agencies, conducted a study on Spritz comprehension where 1000 random readers of all ages were taught to Spritz and then had their comprehension tested. You can review the results here.

Also, if you’d like to test your own comprehension, we’ve extended the test so that you can give it a try yourself.

6/3/2014 – The Charlie Rose Show, See Frank Waldman (CEO) and Maik Maurer (CTO) talk to Charlie Rose about Spritz here.

4/7/2014 – Bloomberg TV, Sam Grobart reviews Spritz. Bloomberg TV – Sam Grobart

3/19/2014 – The Washington Post, Matt McFarland Books are losing the war for our attention. Here’s how they could fight back.

3/18/2014 – Metro, Morgan Rousseau Spritz: Boston startup taps need for speed reading.

3/12/2014- Bloomberg TV: Surveillance (VIDEO) Reading Reimagined: Speed Reading With Spritz

3/11/2014- CNBC: Closing Bell (VIDEO) Spritz re-imagines reading

3/11/2014- Engadget, Dana Wollman Spritz’s speed-reading tech shows up to 1,000 words a minute, makes its debut on Samsung devices

3/10/2014- TechCrunch, Natasha Lomas Speed-Reader Startup Spritz Closing $3.5M Seed

3/10/2014- The Boston Globe, Michael B. Farrell Company aims to reinvent reading in mobile era

3/7/2014- Los Angeles Times, Salvador Rodriguez Read Harry Potter books in a few hours? New tech may make it possible

3/7/2014- NY Daily News, Rheana Murray A novel in 90 minutes? It’s possible with new speed-reading technology

3/6/2014- Mashable, Seth Fiegerman 10 Wicked Cool Boston Startups You Should Know

3/6/2014- Business Insider, Ryan Bushey This Startup Wants To Revolutionize The Way We Read Stuff Online

3/3/2014- Fast Compnay, Carey Dunne How Spritz Redesigned Reading, Letting You Scan 1,000 Words A Minute

2/26/2014- Quartz, Rachel Feltman This is the biggest thing to happen to reading since paper

2/26/2014- Washington Post, Caitlin Dewey The new start-up that says it can help you read ‘War and Peace’ in 10 hours

2/26/2014- CNET, Michelle Starr Spritz software teaches you to speed read without missing a word

Earlier News

As you know, we were invited to bring Spritz to the Gear2 and S5 for Samsung. We were featured in their Hands On event right after the world release of both devices. Click on the images to see them full size.

IMG_20140224_220937 IMG_20140224_220933

IMG_20140224_220925 IMG_20140224_220923

IMG_20140224_220910 IMG_20140224_212942