Harpercollins UK and Ralph Release the Whole of Patricia Cornwell’s New Novel Flesh and Blood in a World First on Digital Billboards


To celebrate the launch of Patricia Cornwell’s brand new thriller, Flesh and Blood, HarperCollins are streaming the entire novel through a digital billboard in London in a world first. BAFTA winning creative agency Ralph have incorporated innovative reading technology from Spritz into the eye-catching creative, to give commuters the exclusive opportunity to read the fast-paced novel as soon as it hits the shelves – and in just over five hours! Sarah Benton, Marketing Director for … Continued

Intel Uses Quick Tech in #GoFaster campaign


Ever wondered what people would do if they had more time in the day? What if it was possible to #GoFaster and get more done at the swipe of a finger? Well now it is, thanks to Intel. #GoFaster is the latest online marketing campaign from Intel, which encourages people to make the most of their time by using technology to #GoFaster and achieve more through their tablets. Intel is challenging people to think about … Continued

Spritz Launches Android SDK!


To round out the SDK availabilities, we’re excited to announce the launch of our SDK for the most popular operating system in the world, Android! With over 15,000 requests from Android developers, we’ll all be able to see thousands of spritzable apps hit the Google Play Store in the coming weeks. From e-books and PDF readers to games and study aids, we expect to see a spectrum of spritzed applications created by our talented developer … Continued

Spritz Launches iOS SDK!


On the heels of launching our JavaScript SDK, we’re excited to announce the launch of our SDK for iOS! With over 15,000 requests from iOS developers, we’ll soon see hundreds, maybe even thousands of spritzable apps hit the App Store in the coming weeks and months. From e-books and PDF readers to games and study aids, you’ll soon see a spectrum of spritzified applications made by our developer partners. Our goal has always been ubiquity, … Continued

A Big Congratulations To All Of The Students Who Competed At LAHacks!


Last week, Spritz participated in LAHacks, the country’s largest Hackathon where more than 1,300 students were challenged to build an innovative and unique product in just 36 hours. We were taken aback by the overwhelming interest from hackers who found creative ways to use Spritz for activities such as studying, listening to music, reading websites, etc. While we were impressed with all of the projects, four teams really blew us away! So, without further ado, … Continued

Become a Highly Effective Person Using Spritz on Oyster!


Oyster makes Stephen Covey’s Classic “7 Habits of Highly Effective People, 25th Anniversary Edition” Spritzable on their Site! Since the launch of Spritz, we’ve received lots of questions about when people will be able to read a book using our technology. Well, we’re excited to tell you that the wait is finally over! For the first time ever, a full-length, in-copyright book will be spritzed for your reading pleasure! e-Book subscription service, Oyster, has spritizifed … Continued

Spritz in New York’s Bright Lights


Last week, Spritz was in New York City for the F.ounders conference where we met with 150 visionary leaders of innovative start-ups. While in town, Spritz had the honor of being part of the world’s first Times Square Spritz on the Nasdaq billboard. In case you missed it, check out Spritz in the bright lights of Times Square NYC:

Ready, Set, Spritz!


Germany’s Largest Publication is First to Spritz Website Last week, we started rolling out our SDK to more than 25,000 developers who anxiously waited to integrate Spritz onto their respective websites and applications. Today, we’re excited to announce that the first implementation of Spritz will be on Germany’s largest publication, BILD.de, whose audience of over 16 million will have the opportunity to experience reading reimagined! BILD will integrate Spritz onto both its website and mobile … Continued

Why Spritz Works (II): The Rhythm of Reading


Building from our first post, “Why Spritz Works: It’s All About the Alignment of Words”, we bring you more information on the science behind spritzing. When we started to develop Spritz, we showed people various English-language texts. While the results were positive, people expressed concern about how well Spritz would work with non-English languages that could transform small words into large words. German, for example, is notorious for having long words. Spritz handles these challenges … Continued

Why Spritz Works: It’s All About the Alignment of Words


To understand Spritz, you must understand Rapid Serial Visual Presentation (RSVP). RSVP is a common speed-reading technique used today. However, RSVP was originally developed for psychological experiments to measure human reactions to content being read. When RSVP was created, there wasn’t much digital content and most people didn’t have access to it anyway. The internet didn’t even exist yet. With traditional RSVP, words are displayed either left-aligned or centered. Figure 1 shows an example of … Continued