Spritz’s mission is to change the way people read and make communication faster, easier, and more effective.

The Company

Spritz is a Boston based startup focused on text streaming technology and its integration into modern communication. The founders are serial entrepreneurs with extensive experience in developing and commercializing innovative technologies. We have assembled an international team of experts in reading methodologies and software engineering. Spritz offers a variety of licensing options for the integration with operating systems, applications, wearables, and websites.

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The Technology

The time consuming part of reading lies mainly in the actual eye movements from word to word and sentence to sentence. In addition, traditional reading simply takes up a lot of physical space. Spritz solves both of these problems. First, your eyes do not have to move from word to word or around the page that you’re reading. In fact, there’s no longer a page – with Spritz you only need 13 total characters to show all of your content. Fast streaming of text is easier and more comfortable for the reader, especially when reading areas become smaller. Spritz’s patent-pending technology can also be integrated into photos, maps, videos, and websites for more effective communication.

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The Network

Spritz has assembled a group of talented developers and consultants in Salt Lake City Utah and Munich Germany to design, build, and deliver the software products and back-end database systems necessary to make Spritz a reality. Did we mention that we are currently looking for iOS, Android, and Backend developers in our Salt Lake City offices who can complement our team? If you want to do more than watch from the sidelines as Spritz grows then drop us a line at impactplayer@spritzinc.com

Spritz is dedicated to literacy. We are working with educators, advocates and researchers to see how our technology might help reading, and reading difficulties.

Researchers please contact- research@sprintzinc.com

The Founders

Spritz is led by its co-founders: Frank Waldman (CEO), Maik Maurer (CTO), and Jamie Locke (Chief Innovation Officer):



is a serial entrepreneur who started his first company with his MIT professor after grad school in 1982. He has launched four successful companies with patented technologies. Aura and FabConnect were acquired, while Trexel and Lattix are well-established and profitable. Frank’s role is to position and grow the business, focusing on sales and marketing in addition to financing activities.



is a unique combination of businessman and scientist affiliated with the Technical University, Munich. Maik and his colleague Matthias Klein developed the expertise in reading that led to the creation of the core Spritz technology. Maik also founded Teseon GmbH, a software and consultancy company, to address complexity challenges for large companies, especially in the engineering context. Maik’s focus is to build our IP portfolio and create opportunities for Spritz technologies in a wide range of markets.



is a technologist at heart with almost 20 years in the industry developing and managing large scale, distributed, mission-critical environments. He has helped to build the technologies for many successful organizations including Sorenson Communications, Promedix, and DealDeal.com. Designing products, building environments, and managing technical people are his strong suit.