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Spritz is the best way to engage with content in the digital age.
We deliver a focused reading experience and help readers get their
content faster, with less effort and across any device or screen size.

The Huffington Post

Spritz is included in all iOS versions of the Huffington Post. To use it look for the pulldown grabber under the top colored bar on any story. Pull down the grabber to reveal the redicle and spritz your selected story. If you don't see the grabber then turn Spritz on - Go to the Settings for the app in the upper left hand corner menu, select the icon that looks like a gear and turn on 'Enable Speed Reading'.


Online publishers, advertisers, content platforms, and device makers are leveraging Spritz to engage their audience across desktop, mobile, and wearables.


To date, Spritz was featured in more than 1,000 publications across the globe. Read the articles.